The Girl Guides of Western Australia have been working diligently to reduce waste through several recycling awareness campaigns. Their focus is putting an end to the bad habit of littering by teaching the community at large about recycling and participating in cleanups. This group of girls had the opportunity to travel to the US and then on to Mexico where they planted more than 300 plants native to the area, plants which will be made available for future reforestation projects led by students working to reduce landslides and degradation of soil in the area. 

The Girl Guides of Anglia’s project involved several river clean-ups throughout the region of Norwich in England, after observing that a great deal of litter surrounds the local rivers, posing a major flood risk for certain communities. The team was made up of 11 girls, 10 of whom got to travel to meet and work with their twin task force in the greater Atlanta area.

The São Paulo Green Team works with the community on a tree distribution activity completed at the end of September. 

Pictured below are the task force members, adult volunteers, and parents who participated in the tree planting and distribution in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Together Greening teams of Girl Scouts of Central California South showcased the friendship they share by belonging to Girl Scouts. The girls staffed booths at the annual “Girl Scouting Around the World” event to express what they’ve learned as members of the Girl Scouts Forever Green Task Force. 

They asked girls and adults to take the Forever Green Pledge to conserve resources and led a craft booth that taught girls how to make friendship bracelets out of recycled materials. Being a part of Together Greening enabled the girls to work on quality projects that made a difference in their communities. 

Now that their project is coming to a close, many of the girls are working on additional community service projects around preserving natural resources.

The Arizona Cactus-Pine Together Greening Task Force was made up of 11 girls who completed, over the course of two years, multiple sustainability projects that engaged several communities. They participated in the Keep Phoenix Beautiful campaign, cleaning up abandoned lots; they also partnered with the Arizona Community Tree Partnership in planting 100 trees. But the project they are most proud of is Global Green Bottle/Global Sustainability, involving a bill drafted in January 2013 with sponsorship from Arizona Senator Katie Hobbs and submitted to the Arizona State Legislature, the purpose of which was to request that Arizona create plastic bottle and aluminum can return deposits to increase recycling in the state. The girls toured the state capitol with Senator Hobbs, Senator Jack Jackson, Jr., and Sierra Club lobbyist Sandy Bahr. While the bill did not make it to the legislative floor, the drafting process taught the girls how to be civically engaged and empowered by being involved in every step of the development and lobbying of a bill.

Said Senator Hobbs, “It is inspiring to see young people who are interested in making a difference in their community.”


Katie Hobbs, Arizona state senator, district 24, shares a photo opp with the Together Greening Task Force. 

Brownies from Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta show off their reusable “T-shirt bags”—part of their pledge to reduce waste. The girls learned to turn old tees into reusable grocery bags in three easy steps.

On average, Americans toss out 8 billion plastic bags a month. Through learning about the significance of keeping plastic bags out of our landfills and making their own reusable versions, these Girl Scouts came to understand the value of repurposing everyday items to reduce waste.

The Together Greening Task Force of Suriname

Brownie Troop 8688, made up of 17 third-graders from Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois, led a rain-garden build at a local school. 

The girls decided to support their school’s plan to incorporate more outdoor learning by creating the rain garden. Other groups and school administrators helped them plant a variety of native plant species. To ensure the sustainability of the garden, the girls are helping the school create an outdoor classroom, which will expand students’ knowledge of the environment as well.

This rain garden is located at Jordan Catholic School in Rock Island, Illinois. 

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from Around the World Participate in Our Girl Scouts Forever Green Challenges

To date, Girl Guides and Girl Scouts have engaged a total of 109,229 people in Girl Scouts Forever Green projects, and 42,303 people worldwide have taken the Girl Scouts Forever Green Pledge.

Over the past two years Girl Guides and Girl Scouts have been hard at work learning about local environmental issues with the help of adult volunteers from Alcoa International. Below are a few highlights of the “Together Greening” project sponsored by the Alcoa Foundation.

imageUSAGSO—West Pacific (Japan) led its community in a trash pickup.

imageGirls from Girl Scouts from the Nation’s Capital (Washington, DC) work to plant their first rain garden.

imageAustralian Girl Guides, working to restore land in Mexico, plant tree seedlings.

imageIn Suriname, Girl Guides install trash cans in local schools in an effort to reduce litter.

imageIn Ohio, Girl Scouts clear the reefs of Cleveland beaches of plastic waste and garbage.

imageIn Western Washington, Girl Scouts prepare for their environmental summit, which includes girl-led workshops on clean air and water, plant and animal life, and recycling.